All In Play™ is an imaginative approach to curriculum and staff development in early childhood classrooms that uses guided play, theater and movement techniques to structure and support children’s active learning. Deeply rooted in developmental theory, All In Play™ aligns with the NYS Core Body of Knowledge, enhances existing curriculum models and catalyzes learning in the following areas:

  • Social/Emotional Development: self-advocacy, autonomy, sharing
  • Creativity: exploring possibilities and the imagination
  • Self-Regulation: negotiation of physical space, concentration and focus
  • Literacy: building vocabulary and self-expression
  • Cognitive Development: listening, observing and building connections
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skill Development

All In Play™ was originally implemented as the Wildau Method™ through a partnership with the City University of New York (CUNY) Professional Development Institute (PDI), a professional development program for early childhood educators. Funding was doubled in its second year, which allowed founder and director Jackie Wildau to train two additional Wildau Method™instructors. Together they delivered intensive training to teachers in early childhood centers throughout NYC’s five boroughs. To date All In Play™ provides the core services:

  • Professional Development Program (PDP): incorporates theatre and movement techniques to structure and support children’s active learning with a focus on facilitating curriculum and staff development in early childhood classrooms.
  • Parent Engagement Program (PEP): gives parents the tools to use imaginative play to enrich family life by inspiring and promoting Parent/Child conversation and engagement.
  • Online Support Materials: Online resources provide teachers access to written, audio and visual materials, including video excerpts of techniques being applied in actual classrooms.