Behind All in Play™

jackieArtist Educator Jackie Wildau developed All In Play™, as a means of providing professional development and teacher inspiration in early childhood centers. She honed her pedagogical approach to enlivening the social, cognitive and kinesthetic literacy of young children during a thirteen-year stint as a teacher of pre-k dramatic arts at Columbia Grammar School in New York City.

A skilled practitioner of mime, magic, circus and performance art with a degree from Jacques LeCoq’s renowned Movement Theater/Mime School in Paris, Jackie Wildau has long been adept at capturing and holding children’s attention. Her belief in the power of ensemble and collaboration stems from decades of experience producing and directing theater arts. Jackie Wildau has the demonstrated capacity to move fluently between stages that include inner-city classrooms, college auditoriums, fashion runways, and corporate America.

Through her past collaboration with CUNY PDI, Jackie has forged a model for professional development that can be readily replicated in schools and throughout the country. Presently she is seeking partnerships within the broader educational community to impact the lives of young children–at school and at home–by modeling the use of play to foster learning.