When baby’s first “toy” is a smart phone, and young children are more likely to be tapping screens than tagging friends on the playground, early childhood educators bear increasing responsibility to nurture physical coordination, empathy, self-regulation, and interactive social skills in the students they teach.

All In Play

All in Play® is an innovative professional development program that offers teachers and staff a usable, adaptable and effective approach to academic readiness through high-engagement play. Experiential learning at it’s best.

Stemming from The Wildau Method, All in Play is a STEAM aligned program based on a series of teacher-guided, imagination-driven exercises, studies and scenarios that help children build confidence, share ideas, refine motor skills, and work things out while having fun.

All in Play exercises offer a guided approach to individual exploration and self-expression.  The program requires no special equipment or props, and can be used successfully in virtually any class setting, indoors and out.

Inclusivity, a cornerstone of all public educational programs, comes with a growing mandate for universal Pre-K methods.  In the inclusive classroom, all children can contribute and participate successfully in All in Play

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All in Play Roll-Out

Through a multi-year grant from the New York City Council and the Research Foundation at the City University of New York (CUNY), we have successfully rolled out All in Play in early childhood classrooms across the New York metro region.

We are in the process of developing a virtual online training and resources – to give educators across North America and around the world the benefit of this innovative program.

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