WHO we are

Jackie Wildau

All in Play Founder, President and Lead Facilitator

Creator of The Wildau Method, Jackie brings over twenty-five years of experience as a professional actor, mime and theater director – working extensively with young children. Noting children’s facility in using their imaginations to explore emotions, solve problems, and interact with others, Jackie suspected that some of the techniques she was using to help older children and adults express themselves on stage might be valuable as classroom experiences for very young children, too. With this insight, and the input of leaders in the field of early childhood education,  Jackie developed The Wildau Method: a flexible program of teacher-guided exercises that promote purposeful movement and imagination-driven learning.

In partnership with CUNYS Early childhood Professional Development Institute, and funded by the New York City Council, Jackie introduced All In Play to teachers and students in schools across the New York City metro region.

As speaker, trainer and facilitator, Jackie has trained educators, student teachers and museum staff at institutions including, NYU, Steinhardt School of Education, the New Teacher Academy at Columbia’s Teacher’s College, and The New York Hall of Science.

Jackie is credentialed by New York State Works for Children as a professional development trainer.

WHAT we offer

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WHAT we offer

Based on The Wildau Method, All in Play offers movement with purpose by encouraging children to tap into their greatest natural gift: their imaginations.

The program is built on group movement-based exercises that are creative, not imitative; expansive, not restrictive – leaving room for interpretation and individual expression.

The precepts of The Wildau Method derive from sound pedagogical research around child development, diversity and strategies for the inclusive classroom, and are borne out by parents’ and teachers’ observations.

This we know: young children learn best when their minds and bodies are engaged. Because All in Play exercises are flexible and adaptable, teachers and staff can incorporate them successfully into existing curriculum and diverse classroom settings.

WHY it matters

All in Play promotes experiential learning, giving structure and fun to skill-and-confidence building around

  • Creativity
  • Cognition
  • Empathy
  • Self-expression
  • Comprehension and emerging literacy
  • Concentration and focus
  • Social interaction
  • Gross and fine motor development
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Teachers teach Teachers
All in Play

Children learn from each other

Recognizing that self-awareness and respect open portals to cognitive, social, emotional growth, flexible and multi-tiered approaches of The Wildau Method address the whole child.

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HOW we do it

We design customized one – or two – day on – site professional development workshops that energize educators and staff by giving them tools – and the confidence – to lead effective, inclusive and imaginative learning experiences.

Classwork includes coaching sessions, planning, modeling, and reflection on Wildau Method techniques that promote curiosity, learning and cognitive function.

Our facilitators will give educators and staff insights into the pedagogical underpinnings of The Wildau Method.  And workshop participants will gain experience doing – and leading – All in Play exercises they’ll ultimately be using in their own classrooms.

To date we have delivered professional development workshops and seminars to hundreds of teachers – many from underserved communities. 

We encourage administrators of schools and centers using the All in Play program to keep in touch, give us feedback, and call us back for workshops and coaching – especially as new teachers and staff come in.

On site workshops are led by All in Play founder Jackie Wildau and trained AIP facilitators. We are currently developing All in Play as an online professional development program, which will include staff orientation, philosophical and pedagogical underpinnings, and a comprehensive guide to incorporating All in Play  exercises into daily lesson plans.

Even staff familiar with All in Play methods and comfortable using the program can use a little supplemental coaching and modeling now and then – especially in schools with considerable turnover. All-inPlay founder Jackie Wildau and trained facilitators are available for supplemental coaching.

The virtual curriculum (in progress) will include a staff orientation along with a comprehensive guide to help teachers incorporate All in Play’s fun and instructive exercises into daily lesson plans.

Experts talk about
All in Play

“Even experienced teachers found that these new strategies brought renewed energy into the classroom - increasing children’s success in mastering new skills.”
Sherry Cleary
Executive Director of CUNY Professional Development Institute
“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”
Stefan McLetchie
Director, Professional Development Services New York University—Steinhardt School of Education
“Jackie really helps people come alive. She offers communication tools they can immediately apply that affect their behavior -- and results."
B. Joseph Pine II
Co-author “The Experience Economy” & “Authenticity”
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What teachers are saying about All in Play

I’m always looking for new approaches to teachable moments. I now see the value of engaging the children’s imaginations – not having them all do exactly the same thing.
Sarah M
Using All in Play, I saw even the younger children learn how to take turns, be more patient, and become better listeners.
Bonnie S
Something good happens when we empower kids to imagine. I’ve seen even the shyest children become more confident and independent.
Allison J.
Kids need to move – they fidget when they can’t. All in Play offers what I call “controlled chaos”. Kids call it fun. Just what we needed!
Madison F
In my class, I teach of children with a wide range of abilities. With All in Play, no one has to feel left out. Everyone can participate. Thank you so much!
Bill C
I’ve had parents ask me to teach them the All in Play warm-ups – so they can use the method at home. Thank you, Jackie.
Barbara S

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